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What is Visionscape CMS?

Visionscape™ CMS is a Content Management System that has been developed by Redback Solutions to give you control of your website – allowing you to add, edit and delete web pages and insert images and documents.

Each VisionscapeTM CMS implementation has a library of functions so the right tools for your business can be assembled to create a powerful website that suits your needs.

Key Features

  • Site-wide templates and content layouts utilising CSS
  • Staging and publishing area allows for content editing and previewing before approving and publishing
  • Dynamic navigation covering menus, sub-menus and site maps
  • Able to deliver both dynamic and static elements and pages
  • WYSIWYG editing enables element-level content changes, allowing you edit your content in an environment that is visually similar to how it will be displayed on your website
  • Reusable content blocks can be used and reused throughout all sites where needed. By editing the content item once, it changes the content element wherever it is displayed
  • Keyword search including PDF documents