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WellFit Personal Training
A website fit for results
CMS: WordPress
Year: 2019
WellFit decided it was time they took their own advice and get their website into shape. A place for those who have tried multiple fad diets, signed up for 12-month gym memberships and not used them, or people who have injured themselves with unsupported exercise routines. We helped provide a modern, vibrant and fun direction that helps communicate their fantastic facilities and unique service offering. They want to help real people overcome challenges and balance their lifestyle.

Project Specs

The final result - a visually dynamic, refreshed web presence, fully geared to serve a diverse target audience. The customer experience begins long before the first enquiry, and their new custom website with its vibrant new design, informative content and seamless navigation helps build a positive brand message, setting the stage for the experience to come. Within two months of launching, WellFit are receiving more enquiries than ever before and couldn't be happier with the results.

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