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Tiny Tutus
A tutu exciting new website
CMS: WordPress
Year: 2017
As Australia’s leading and most recognised provider of preschool ballet classes; with over 30,000 participating children in 100 locations across the country; Tiny Tutus had outgrown their existing website. We were tutu excited to help them rebuild their online presence from the ground up, creating a dynamic platform built for flexibility and growth with a design that would both excite and entice users to register their children.

Project Specs

The final result - a fun, inspiring and intuitive online experience that perfectly captures the Tiny Tutus brand. The new website is a carefully balanced marriage of information and interactivity, design and user experience, ensuring content is easily accessible but more importantly engaging for Tiny Tutus target market to ultimately drive enrolments in one of Tiny Tutus ever growing network of classes and locations.

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