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Bunnamagoo Estate Wines
A full bodied eCommerce experience
CMS: WordPress
Year: 2019
At Bunnamagoo Estate Wines, the focus is on individual, traditionally-made wines. This unique and original messaging is exactly what they wanted to communicate with their new site. As an existing client, the team at Bunnamagoo re-engaged us to develop a new theme based Wordpress website that would support their eCommerce activity whilst, also telling the story of their beautiful estate, from the bud, all the way to the bottle.

Project Specs

The result - A real corker! An elegant, engaging and easy to navigate intuitive online experience that perfectly captures Bunnamagoo Estate Wines’ brand. The new website is a carefully balanced marriage of information and interactivity, ensuring that content is easily accessible but more importantly, showcasing their current ranges and new releases that are available. Providing a simple online shopping experience for the user, Bunnamagoo is now able to sell wine online, as well as from their cellar door.

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