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What is onCourse?

onCourse is a marketing system for adult education providers. It includes a CMS, eCommerce engine and complete student management for vocational RTOs and short course training providers. onCourse also includes a complete debtor management system, student payment plans and finance integration.

What differentiates onCourse from other similar systems is its depth of CRM/marketing functionality and website integration.

Key Features

Completely integrated - updated timetables, courses and other data flow instantly through to your website, student and tutor portals, email marketing and much more.

eCommerce - a real time credit card payment gateway is included in onCourse for both class enrolments and product sales. Payment plans, gift certificates, vouchers and corporate pass options are also available.

Reporting and compliance - AVTEMISS, USI, VET FEE HELP and CRICOS tracking.

Document management - deliver rich online graphics, video, course materials, assessments and confidential compliance documents with a version controlled cloud storage library.

Search - a sophisticated search engine allows students to search by keyword, tags, subjects, dates and times, day of week, price and much more with a faceted and easy to use search engine.

SEO - onCourse has a huge focus on marketing and SEO to deliver great page ranking for your website, microformats, Google Tag Manager integration, Analytics including ecommerce and a rich mobile friendly experience.

Scripting - customisable scripts allow you to automate many parts of your student and tutor interactions with emails and SMS templated and delivered according to your schedules as well as a workflow business process management structure.